New Look winner

The iClone New Look fashion competition has a winner. It’s Shygirl, with her high-quality Clubbing costumes…

Love the furry boots. I’m wondering if she could do a Yeti character in the same way?



Sencha Animator is a new HTML5/CSS3 small-scale animated widget production tool. Output for Apple iPad, iPhone, Google Android, Google Chrome browser. Currently offering a free Windows beta, although I’d guess it may be time-bombed or crippled in some way. Possibly a useful alternative to Reallusion’s WidgetCast Pro (which can only output Flash) if a client requests iPad /iPhone content.

Also available for free is IBM’s Maquetta HTML5 editor, although that seems more focussed on teams building out the wireframe sketch of a large website than on games and animation. That’s not to say that some bright spark might not find a way to make it do cool stuff, though.

Aimee Allen competition

A four-minute film competition, make a music video for a 4 minute song by Aimee Allen. She’s a Californian singer-songwriter. Open now, with a deadline of the 22nd of June 2011, at midnight British time. $3,000 for the winner (!), and a Wi-Fi iPad2 for two runners-up.

It appears she has a taste for ‘mellow’…

Happiness [her album] radiates her sense of home in the California sunshine — its 11 introspective, largely acoustic tracks conjure the simple bliss of a drive down to the Pacific.”

Sounds great, but the track they want visuals for is a downbeat rap-ish one that’s a lot darker…

“‘Calling the Maker’ is a plea to God on judgement day. It is inspired by the terrifying images found in the Book of Revelations and my curiosity and fascination with Armageddon.”

  [ Hat-tip: Tom Jantol ]

250,000 post views

The myClone blog should tip over the ‘250,000 post views’ mark today. Not bad, for 16 months of existence, if I do say it myself. Averaged out, that’s getting on for 4,000 visitors a week — not counting those who read the posts in other places via the RSS feed. So call it 5,000 a week, then assume that four-fifths are drive-by visits or just glancing at the post — and MyClone probably has a core readership of around 1,000 a week.

Earth from orbit

My free “floating over the earth” iClone backdrop, at a lightweight 800 x 600 pixels, the same as the stock backdrops that come with iClone. Made by flipping a sky I photographed, Photoshopping in the Earth’s curvature, then adding part of a long-exposure night-sky picture that I made.

You may want to add larger stars, since video compression is likely to blur them out in your final movie.