The first big fantasy RPG game of 2011 for the PC is out, Witcher 2. I was going to skip it, because I got frustrated by bugs and then bored with the slow pace of the first Witcher game and never came close to finishing. And after finishing the excellent Risen, I wasn’t really in the mood for another RPG until Skyrim comes along in November. But there’s now an armada of excellent reviews for Witcher 2 — and written by bona-fide “finished the game” reviewers, not marketing pimps. Godlike ‘Easy’ setting, made for the PC by people who love PC gaming, incredibly beautiful, complex and intelligent world/plot — I’m sold. I’ll let you know the machinima potential once I get it.

Anyway, I thought I’d see if I could get as close as possible to The Witcher character’s ‘look’ in a fully animatable iClone figure. So here’s a picture of what I cobbled together. Second-Cousin-of-The-Witcher (body and face animatable, 58k), run through one of my custom Photoshop actions to give it a hand-painted look…

Click the picture for a larger version.