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I have Windows 7’s native File Indexing service turned off (in order not to bog down the PC’s speed). I suspect many gamers will have done the same. If so then you’ll occasionally find yourself wishing you could quickly get a list of, say… all your iClone content files with a motion file name that contain the words “throw” or “ball”. But then you remember you have 3Gb of motions. Gulp. Agent Ransack to the rescue. This software is a free lite version of a larger professional file search tool called FileLocator Pro. But the Lite version works perfectly well for simple tasks and is very fast. It’s completely free and free of ads or time-bombing. It’s a much lighter and nippier solution than launching the lumbering Google Desktop service, or having Windows File Indexing constantly grinding away in the background.

Once Agent Ransack is installed simply paste this path…

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\iClone 4 Custom\;C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Template\iClone 4 Template\

…into its “Look in:” box (this is remembered each time you launch Agent Ransack), and ensure ‘Subfolders’ is ticked.

The path you just pasted in tells Agent Ransack to simultaneously search both the Custom and Template folders of iClone’s content.

Now pop a single search word in the “File name:” box and off it goes. Agent Ransack is blisteringly quick.

Unfortunately there’s no nice visual thumbnail previews like you see in Windows Explorer, otherwise it would be a perfect content library search-tool. I guess it’s so fast because it ignores all of that. But once you have your list of results you can highlight the file you think you want, right-click on it and choose ‘Explore Here’…

… and this swiftly launches Windows Explorer to your chosen file’s folder. From there you can see the usual visual thumbnail previews — and even drag-and-drop your files onto the iClone Editor stage.

Hopefully we’ll get a similar but built-in global filename ‘search and sort’ option for the content libraries of iClone 5, but until then Agent Ransack can help out. Even after that, this search solution can still be useful for finding models in a huge extracted game meshes folder — e.g.: all cars in the game Fallout 3.

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