Muvizu – What’s New?

So, what’s new in the latest release of Muvizu? There doesn’t seem to be a formal change-log out yet. But this list is the gist of it:—

The software is a 600Mb download, with much the same technical requirements for your PC as before. But now you need a…

“Pixel Shader 3.0 graphics card”

This means a later Nvidia GeForce 6 series card or above — but if you’re a PC gamer then you’ll already be running on series 9 or higher.

* There’s a new 64-bit version.

* New swaying-in-the-wind effect on foliage and plants.

* A slew of new content and a new character (“Boy”).

* New ‘Wobbly’ character animation set, for drunks or zombies. New bandages and similar accident/zombies content for characters.

* Many refined animations and tweaked character models.

* More… “gestures and poses for everyday conversations”

* Type a word and get it on the stage in 3D letters.

* “Look At…” speed control.

* Good anti-aliasing of final video output (not on the WYSIWYG stage), up to 1280 x 720px.

* Drop your own textures on abstract objects like boxes.

* Major updates to the Unreal Engine, Morpheme, Scaleform.

* Lots and lots of bug stomping.

* Improvements to importation of SketchUp models (not sure about this one, but forum chat seems to suggest this?)

A lot of the work for this release has been “under-the-hood”, and the user interface (UI) and mouse usage is the same. Set for the next release is…

“a complete UI revamp for the next release”


Muvizu’s new improved anti-aliasing

My examples of Muvizu’s new improved anti-aliasing (i.e.: “remove the jaggies and ‘zipper’ effects on edges”). It’s looking good for those who want to create webcomics with Muvizu frame grabs. These were made through simple FastStone Capture screengrabs from a one-second raw-AVI video (output at 1280px by 720px). Click on a picture to see the full-size version…

Muvizu rapture arrives!

It’s here today! After a great deal of sweat and effort, the new and latest edition of Muvizu is released today, packed with new goodies…

“Muvizu’s latest release day is finally almost upon us. The appointed hour for the Muvizu faithful to note is 3:30pm BST (UK time) tomorrow, Wednesday 25th May 2011.”

“In order to cleanse the way and make our final preparations, we will be taking down the Muvizu website at 2pm tomorrow and it will be reborn at about 3:30pm [UK time] bearing the latest, and most spiritually uplifting to date, versions of our free 3D animation software.”

So it should hit the USA sometime around 12 noon. Did I mention it’s still free?