First peek at DAZ Studio 4 final

My quick first hour’s peek at the installed DAZ Studio 4 final.

There’s a nice new user interface that’s a lot more polished. But where the hell is the Animation tab? Animation seems to have completely vanished from the interface. It’s not even on the Windows / Tab options. I looked for a good 15 minutes and just couldn’t find it or a way to turn it on. Not even a timeline.

This is Studio 4…

and this is Studio 3…

Puzzling. I’ll have to have a look at the new tutorials. [ Update: it seems to be completely unavailable in the ‘Self Service’ UI layout, but is available in the other three options. ]

My immediate impression of the Content Library is that it is certainly more polished and usable in terms of layout, if not hugely improved in terms of the nightmare lack of navigability. The trade-off for the slickness is that it is now rather sluggish and sticky. It’s also confused and cryptic back at the root directory level, although there is an intriguing A-Z listing section there. But the preview thumbnails are wonderfully fresh.

Single-word keyword search is really slow, two minutes for “cats” and even then the results didn’t seem to change(?). At least it continues to let you use the Content Library easily while it crawls through a search in the background. Having recently seen Agent Ransack in action, I know that sort of keyword filename search should take seconds, not minutes.

I didn’t test render times, but the What’s New doesn’t headline any speed improvement.

The Shaping of the new Genesis-type human figures is certainly very fun and very easy. Based on this glance at the new version I’d say that, as a free tool, DAZ Studio might give the free Make Human a bit of a challenge if someone can whip up some robust Blender exporter plugins that respect body-shape morphs. On the other hand, the adjacent Puppeteer panel is completely baffling compared to iClone’s. I mean, what do you do with a blank grey grid?

Some of the more advanced Genesis capabilities seem to be locked into paid add-on plugins…

The new DS 4 is certainly a useful tool to add to our iClone armoury, if only for content conversion and for making hi-res facial close-ups that can then be rendered for use in Crazy Talk or as Face Fitting pictures for iClone characters. It’s obviously a nice upgrade, but it’s not going to make me leap back into the DAZ/Poser world and its glacial rendering times.


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  1. It seems that Animate is just not available in the particular UI layout I chose! But it is in the others, where it’s now stuck down at the bottom of the screen.

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