250 professional backdrops for CrazyTalk Animator – free

My new pack of 250 quality professional animation backdrops for CrazyTalk Animator, converted from Odd Job Jack to .jpg and sorted into new themed folders. This is my selection of straight backgrounds, those which I think are worth having and usable, chosen from the 7,000 .png files in the ‘camera’ folders of the Odd Job Jack Season 3 art assets release. The original assets are freely and officially available in a torrent at www.oddjobjack.com if you want even more.

Download my CTA pack here (68Mb)

All backgrounds are licenced as Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic. If you use these then please credit Smiley Guy Studios and the fine artists of Odd Job Jack in or alongside your movie, comic, illustration, or videogame, and include the original licence details.

* To install:

Extract, copy all folders and paste them to your CTA ‘Background’ folder at…

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\CrazyTalk Animator Custom\Background

* To use in CTA:

Find this pack here in CTA…

Important! Ensure that all the thumbnail previews fully load in your chosen backgrounds folder, before trying to drag a background to the Stage — or else you will crash CTA.

Thanks also to the developer of the Windows utility Extract All Files, which enabled the automated extraction of 7,000 .png files from thousands of otherwise very fiddly camera sub-folders in the Odd Job Jack assets archive, which meant they could then be quickly scanned by eye for suitable images. Thanks also to Adobe for the automated .jpg mass conversion utility in Photoshop CS3. And finally thanks to BlueMidget, who originally tipped me off about the Odd Job Jack art assets release torrent, and to Smiley Guy Studios for releasing it to the public for free usage.

7 thoughts on “250 professional backdrops for CrazyTalk Animator – free

  1. Magnífica aportación. Muchas gracias por compartir.

    Magnificent contribution. Thank you very much for sharing.

  2. Thank you. I’ve downloaded Odd Job Jack Season 3, but haven’t had the time to do much exploring.

    Thanks again!!!

  3. I’ve downloaded and unpacked the files. However, I can’t for the life of me find the address into which I should copy those files. Could Crazy Talk Animator custom files be in some other location? I pasted them into the shared custom folder but when I tried to access the backgrounds the program froze and closed down. Any suggestions?


  4. Ok, Florida Bob, so – from what you say – you did find the shared Custom folder, because you say you could _try_ to access the backgrounds there. So your actual problem seems to be your PC freezing when you try to access them in Crazy Talk Animator? That suggests a lack of processing power or memory, or both. Try just one or two, and see if they can be seen and loaded by CTA, then progressively add more folders.

    Alternately, if you tried to access them from some other location, than that would be the cause of the problem. Possibly you have locked-down ‘for beginners’ Windows settings that are not letting you see or access the C:\Users\Public\ folders?

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