Future proofing your graphics for mobile devices

Considering using Reallusion’s royalty-free content assets for mobile interactive content on the iPad or iPhone and their clones? Then Total Eclipse Games has a useful and clear tutorial on graphics assets settings, scalings, and future-proof versioning for different handheld devices. Also some handy tips on file-naming conventions for keeping track of large numbers of graphics assets when developing a point-and-click game. Their latest game is the steampunk-ish hidden objects adventure The Clockwork Man


Xonotic GPL game demo released

Nexius GPL was a free first-person shooter in the style of Quake and Unreal Tournament, with the whole game including all its art assets freely licensed under a GPL licence which allows commercial use. The game is currently being remade commercially for consoles, rebuilt with the CryEngine and re-skinned with new style and full art direction. This doesn’t affect the public domain nature of the original, though. The maker community was up-in-arms, however — spooked by what they saw as the “sale” of their game. This panic then caused what’s called a ‘fork’ (an alternative version), to a new free GPL version called Xonotic. The Xonotic developers released a preview version at Christmas 2010, under a GNU General Public Licence v2, and are plugging in much higher quality art and character models…

Nice. The art roadmap is here. I downloaded a trial .blend file of a character, and was able to get it to 3DXchange via .fbx — but as usual, Blender’s .fbx export is crap and mangles parts of the model. Still, the Xonotic project looks like one to watch, and I look forward to the implementation of a fully browsable models and art assets repository.