HUD be-gone mod for The Witcher 2

HUD be-gone mod for The Witcher 2, for those who want to grab machinima footage from the game. Also a new God Mode mod if Easy mode is too difficult to film with in certain places in the game. We’re still waiting for a first-person mod, though.


Clone Bone competition

Advance news in this week’s Wolf & Dulci Hour show that there’s going to be a Clone Bone Character Creation Competition in coming weeks. The Clone Bone figures are a bonus content item for those who purchase iClone. If you don’t have them, go to your Account and find them in the “Bonus & Upgrade” section for iClone 4. Here’s a full tutorial on how to use the Clone Bone character as a skeleton base to build a Star Wars Battle Droid, which shows you all the basic principles of use…