50 free props for Crazy Talk Animator

Here’s my new pack of 50 free props for CrazyTalk Animator. They’re my selection from the huge number of Inkscape .svg vector files at Open Clip Art, and they are all in the Public Domain. That means you can freely use them royalty-free and without needing to give credits, for your commercial movies and illustrations. They’ve been carefully selected to be compatible with the look of the Comic characters in Crazy Talk Animator, and these 50 are those that passed various conversion hurdles such as “too many shapes”, mangled colours, fringing problems, etc. They’re all made from .swf vector files, so they scale crisply and allow close-ups without pixellation.

Download here (3Mb)

To install, just unpack and copy to:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\CrazyTalk Animator Custom\Props


2 thoughts on “50 free props for Crazy Talk Animator

  1. Como siempre muchas gracias por compartir. Aprovecho a realizar una solicitud sobre la posibilidad de conseguir props animados para cta.

    As always, thank you very much for sharing. I wonder if there is a possibility of getting animated props?

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