CrazyTalk Animator characters – new tutorial and ‘man in suit’

A new official CrazyTalk Animator tutorial: Advanced Body Photo Fitting…

And talking of new characters, Kurzal has a new Marketplace “Man in Suit” character. It’s more suited to classic-style straight informational/training movies than the toony Comic-series CTA characters, and it’ll hopefully be the first of a series…

The thick waves in the hair means it doesn’t quite match the body style, but that could probably be adjusted fairly easily with Photoshop.


5 thoughts on “CrazyTalk Animator characters – new tutorial and ‘man in suit’

  1. Thanks for help in promotion and kind words!

    … and it’ll hopefully be the first of a series…

    Exactly 🙂 There are plenty of characters on paper, but not enough time to draw them in *.swf 🙂

  2. How do you make your own Actors? Is there a template to use to get the correct body parts cut, and to import them as shown?

  3. Thanks I’ve seen quite a few but I don’t draw I want to animate my kids (Their heads on different bodies) from photos is there a pre cut template that I can use to make my own arms and legs ect… to use in CTA from photos?

    I’ve tried animating one I cropped and cleaned it nicely but when I put the markers in it was Baaaad. I just can’t seem to get them where I want them. Was hoping for a pack or something with pre cut body parts that I could adjust, repack and import to CTA to get better animation like the stock ones.

  4. I know what you mean. I tried it myself and it’s a devil of a job. Hopefully it’ll be a lot easier in version 2. There are a series of details tutorials on it though. Click the link above and search for “Photo Fitting”.

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