Are you a CrazyTalk Animator user looking for the perfect vector drawing software? Inkscape is a dedicated free open-source vector drawing tool, that’s mature and has a large user-base. But without third-party scripts it can only output .svg (scalable vector graphics). This .svg vector format is an open source alternative to Flash, and the Inkscape community generally seems to have a big dislike of Flash. Hence no native Flash export scripts. Such a dislike of Flash is increasingly justified, but CrazyTalk Animator users need Inkscape’s vector pictures in .swf format, for drag-and-drop import to CTA. So here are three possible svg-2-swf solutions.


The free way is to get the Windows installer for Inkscape’s SGF2SWF plug-in. If you have l33t techie skillz you can also compile this plug-in from source-code.


Or to easily get Inkscape drawings from .svg to .swf using DrawPlus X4, simply…

1. Load the .svg picture up in DrawPlus X4.

2. File | ‘Convert to Keyframe’.

3. File | Export | Export as Flash.

4. Now drag-and-drop your .swf Flash picture onto the CrazyTalk Animator stage.

5. Check it’s converted OK, and save to the Content Library.

Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any way for DrawPlus to ‘batch automate’ this conversion, to automatically convert many files.


If you want simple vector-to-bitmap conversion to .pngs. in a batch of many files, then CorelDRAW X5 has Macros for this…

1. Tools | Macros | Macro Manager

2. File Converter | Double-click on Start.

3. Set input and output folders and select files.

4. Start the mass conversion.

So… why not use CorelDRAW X5 for batch .swf conversions instead of DrawPlus X4? Simply put, the CorelDRAW output from .svg is crap — with huge numbers of mangled .swf conversions.


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  1. This is a great program with a huge variety of potential uses. I’ve used it for making seamless patterns for textures. I found restarting for each new project was useful, due to slowing problems.

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