CTA sidebar menu update

Expanded, re-labelled and re-organised the CrazyTalk Animator sidebar menu…


5 thoughts on “CTA sidebar menu update

  1. Very nice. Considering your good coverage of vector tools, though, it seems incomplete without Adobe Illustrator. (Just because Illy is expensive, it shouldn’t be neglected.)

  2. It’s not just the expense of Illustrator. I don’t want to recommend software that really needs five years of learning it to really understand it.

  3. Out of curiosity… how long since you last used Illy? It has improved radically since the early days. There are still a great many things I dislike about the Adobe interface–I think the term “failures” is only a bit too strong–but it’s certainly no more difficult to use than Inkscape and DrawPlus, and often, much easier… for me.

  4. I guess it was about 2007 when I last tried it. CS2. Since most newbs will only be able to afford a used copy of CS2 or CS3, I’d suspect the learning aspect will still apply?

  5. Se agradece la reorganización para poder encontrar más rápido lo que se está buscando.

    Thank the reorganization, it makes it easier to quickly find what you’re looking for.

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