Free animated zombie for iClone

Ricky asked me yesterday if there are any free zombies for iClone.

There are of course some for sale on the Marketplace, and BigBoss has a new pack of Zombie-like walk motions available for the old tribesman character. CoolCreators’ also has a Zombies pack. They’re all a tad expensive, though.

iClone Universe doesn’t ever seem to have done a free zombie. And as far as I discover, Wolf has never done a zombie freebie for the Wolf & Dulci Show.

There’s a new low-poly zombie rig on BlendSwap, but it’s untextured and Blender’s FBX export of it has transparency problems, no texture and no UV mapping.

There are some good zombies for DAZ, but of course most are morph based for Michael meshes and 3DXchange junks the morphs on conversion. However this nice toony one seems to be an original model, and it might convert well. But once again the problem is that it’s a fairly expensive $16.

So here’s a free low-poly zombie for iClone from PixelHouse in Argentina, for which the authors say in their readme file…

“The model here is free for download for commercial and non commercial use.”

But they do require attribution (i.e.: a credit).

Above: a quick render in iClone.

Download here

Usage: copy the files to your Reallusion content folders. The zombie came as three identical FBX files, each with a motion, and I’ve converted these for iClone. The motions are not interchangeable between each identical character model. So you need to drop motion 1 on zombie 1, motion 2 on zombie 2, and so on.

If you make any additional motions for this, and/or are able to pack all of these motions onto a single character version loaded with a handy set of right-click Perform menus options, then please post.


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