DAZ Studio 4’s new Genesis figures – the video

Did the news of DAZ Studio 4‘s new Genesis figures raise only a yawn and cause a laconic question-mark to appear briefly over your head? Well, here’s a clearer video introduction to the new character concept that should have you sitting up and paying attention…

What’ll be interesting will be if 3DXchange or some other tool comes along which can handle the iClone conversion of such figures, with clothing and morphs intact, for real-time rendering. At present, characters from DAZ or Poser have their morphs thrown away on conversion.


5 thoughts on “DAZ Studio 4’s new Genesis figures – the video

  1. Not all the morphs show in the video are available yet but it looks very cool. Just hope RL are thinking about making iClone more Daz-friendly. Or, even better, developing iClone’s own character creator on these lines.

  2. Or, of course, we can look at that from other angle: it will be nice when DAZ plugs a good real-time game engine into all their great content. Oh wait, this is not the DAZ forums… 🙂

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