GTX 580

Thinking of getting a PC upgrade in advance of iClone 5 and games such as Skyrim? The UK’s respected PC Format magazine sells granny and buys ten top-of-the-range graphics cards for a mass bench-testing. There are detailed reviews and benchmark stats for each card, but for single-monitors gamers it all boils down to the conclusion…

“Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 [is] a fantastic proposition […] Nvidia’s top card becomes a double winner in single and SLI [twin cards] flavours.”

Such a card is likely set you back around £400 at UK Amazon prices, or around $470 in the U.S. — perhaps less if you shop around a little. Of course you may need to factor in the cost of a new power supply unit, one pumping out 650W to 750W. A 500W gaming PSU that was good a few years ago is not going to play happily with a GTX 580.


One thought on “GTX 580

  1. I own one of these cards with 3 gigs of GDDR5 memory. However even with all this muscle, I’m still able to slow it down to 10 FPS in pixel-shader mode. Granted that it is still a big improvement, compared to my 285 GXT that was giving me 5 FPS. The question is… will iClone 5 be able to take more advantage of the new GPUs?

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