Cypher Wolf’s new iClone content website and store

Impressive new iClone Store seller Cypher Wolf (not to be confused with the Wolf), has set up his own online website/blog/store, in which he points to a nice freebie he currently has on the store. It’s a semi-toon anime-style face for iClone, which at present is only available in the new store

This sort of small-eyes anime look is one of the areas where iClone and CrazyTalk Animator might seem to be lacking at present. Not for much longer in iClone, though, as Cypher Wolf’s website gives us a preview of his forthcoming pack of 10 anime heads…

“I present to you my latest head package, a pack of 10 anime style head for your iClone characters. […] fully compatible with facial animation and face puppeteering […] will also include 10 sets of eyes and 5 face makeups”.

There’s also news of his new Gothic style for Women pack — Cypher Wolf’s excellent male version of this expansion pack for the G3 New Look is already on sale on the official Reallusion store.

His new packs are currently discounted on his website store, until August 2011. PayPal accepted, but you have to go through the usual tedious ecommerce vendor account setup process.