On steam-guns and steam-rifles

A thoughtful new illustrated essay on the design inspirations for the WETA Dr. Grodbort’s rayguns.

You can get one of the WETA rayguns free here for iClone.

I also have a rayguns pack from the Google 3D Warehouse raygun challenge, which includes two steampunk-ish ray-rifles.

Want more? Renderosity has a very cool Steam Rifle Construction Kit for DAZ Studio and Poser. Currently it’s just $7.50. In DAZ Studio, find the main trigger-sections in “Figures”, and all the other compenents in “Props”, all under the label “Steam Rifle”. The chosen sections all fit into their correct place when loaded, there’s no fiddly positioning needed. Most rifles you’ll make with this are around 60 to 80k in terms of poly-count, but you can always reduce them with the DAZ Game Kit if you need them below 30k.

You’ll need to dial down the strength of all of the reflection maps once you get your rifle exported into iClone, since these will come in with a model-swamping 100% strength. It might be better to just delete all the reflection maps from the DAZ textures folder first, and not have them load up in the first place.