Webcomic template for CrazyTalk Animator

There’s a new comic-strip template on the iClone Marketplace, for those who want to make online comic-strips using CrazyTalk Animator. It’s 350 points on the Reallusion Marketplace, is packed as an editable Project file, and you get…

“the same strip as you see in the preview pictures […] It includes a special new ‘comic-strip panels’ prop, a vector prop which makes four “windows” into your scene. This prop instantly gives you the classic layout of four comic-strip panels, inside CrazyTalk Animator!”

3D World 145

A couple of items that might interest iCloners in the latest 3D World magazine #145, on sale in the UK from 30th June 2011.

Issue 145 has six hours of video tutorials for 3DS Max, taking you through the process of creating a “big space” interior that’s game ready (and thus by implication also iClone ready). The videos are free online, and the assets and scene files used are on the magazine’s free DVD.

There’s also apparently “10 mazes for games” on the free DVD, which sound interesting. They are going to be 3D rather than 2D tiles, so they might have some interest for us — especially if they’re clad in fantasy and science fiction themed artwork.