“Here’s to dwarves who go swimming with little hairy .fbx’s…”

The participants of OpenGameArt have paid to get a professional character designer and rigger (‘thecubber’) to make a low-poly dwarf, in order to give away for free for Blender. It’s just been released, and it weighs in at a mere 12,000 polygons. I got him into iClone, but the .fbx conversion badly links the armour and cloth to the body. This means that although he looks OK in the static pose, if you edit motion using Motion Edit then the armour and cloth only half-follow with the body and the upper arms and feet thus “poke through”. The eyes also blank when the head turns. Still, this is what he looks like in iClone. If anyone who knows Blender can work around Blender’s nearly-always-rubbish .fbx output, then I’ll try again with a new file.