Arteria 3D on the Reallusion Marketplace

Bigboss has persuaded Arteria 3D to port his quality Medieval stuff into iClone packs purchasable for points on the iClone store. The models are meant for games, and so are very low-poly. But they’re superbly made and textured. Don’t think that the horse is going to be a substitute for the official Reallusion horse though — I’ve seen it close up, and you’ll definitely want the real horse from Reallusion.

Pack one and Pack two. An 80-prop Castle pack is also available.


Who3D, a complete forum for creative fans of the Doctor Who series and characters. It’s for model makers (abundant) and those making fan-works in 3D and 2D animation (less abundant). There’s almost no iClone forum-chat, but if you were ever planning an iClone film set in the Who-vian universe then this seems like the place to be. Lots of freebies, although not organised in a simple index and you’ll need to spend a few hours digging back through the forums to find them.