New CrazyTalk Animator content packs

Just announced, new official Reallusion content packs for CrazyTalk Animator.

Also a new Comic-series ‘toon’ shopping street.


2 thoughts on “New CrazyTalk Animator content packs

  1. Does Reallusion offer an everything in one version of CTA? I just don’t know that I’m in favor of nickel and diming people, 30 dollars for each new content pack would really add up. Yes, one might not need them all, but the average user would invariably be drawn to several content packs.

  2. No, they don’t but perhaps now is the time to offer a bundle and a two-year subscription plan. The Pro version, all existing official content, plus all packs issued before Xmas 2012 for $600. That sort of thing.

    But I’m quite happy with them releasing this way. I can just get the content packs I need (I definitely don’t need anything that’s photo-based, just the toon stuff, for instance). Or even the individual elements from the packs, once they appear on the Marketplace. If you just want a couple of the walk motions from the Cartoon Motion pack Vol 1. for instance, they can be had much more cheaply on the Marketplace.

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