New 120 backgrounds from Odd Job Jack

Here’s my new add-on pack to the earlier Odd Job Jack backgrounds pack for CrazyTalk Animator. The new pack has 120 new backgrounds that I missed while trawling the 7,000 Odd Job Jack images the first time around, plus a few that needed a bit of Photoshop love to crop them or to remove bits that were sticking in from the side.

Download (12Mb)

If you have my earlier pack in your Custom Background folder, just unpack and copy the new one to:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Reallusion\Custom\CrazyTalk Animator Custom\Background

The new pack’s folder names are the same as the old ones, and Windows should merge them. There may be a handful of duplicates, but just allow over-writes if that happens. With both parts of the Odd Job Jack backgrounds pack installed you will have about 370 backgrounds to play with(!), neatly organised into folders by type and scene.

Important! Ensure that all the thumbnail previews fully load in your chosen backgrounds folder, before trying to drag a background to the Stage — or else you will crash CTA. This seems to be a bug that was brought over with the iClone code.

Licence: All backgrounds are licenced as Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic. If you use these then please credit Smiley Guy Studios and the fine artists of Odd Job Jack in or alongside your movie, comic, illustration, or videogame, and include the original licence details.

A few samples:


HitFilm is an interesting new video editor and advanced special FX package all in one, for $149. It appears to have been released a few days ago. It used to be FX Home’s VisionLab Studio (review) which only added special FX to video clips — but they’ve now added an editor and compositor, to offer the full range of “editing, 3D compositing, VFX [visual effects], color grading, particle engine, and GPU [graphics card] acceleration.” HitFilm is only in version 1.0 and as such it’s probably not going to draw many away from Adobe After Effects — but then it doesn’t cost £800 before plugins, or take a year to learn.

If you already have a good editor and just need a comprehensive set of particle FX to layer onto your video clips before editing, also have a look at FX ParticleIllusion standalone (new web address). And don’t forget that iClone already has a good set of particles, etc, and packs of movie FX clips for addon purchase.