Free Muvizu sets

I just noticed that there are more free Muvizu sets on their site than I remember seeing last time I looked. It’s still not the tidal-wave of fan-made content that one might expect for such a high-quality free product with a high ‘cool’ factor, but there are some nice free sets there such as the recording studio and a hospital operating theatre…

Illusion Mage 3D software

This is just a warning to newbies. The software called Illusion Mage (aka “3D Magix Pro” or “3DMagix”) is just the free open source Blender software, completely rebranded and sold with some added tutorials. If you want to go down that semi-pro route of learning a traditional ‘big beast’ 3D software application, then save your cash and just get Blender for free.

Learning the basics of Blender can be had for free on YouTube or at the Blender Foundation’s educational website. Or you can pay for reputable books like Blender For Dummies 2 for $20, and the tutorials from reputable video-learning companies such as CartoonSmart.

If you’re still in school and aim to be an employee pro (rather than a freelance pro) then you probably want industry-standard stuff like the Autodesk Education Suite for Entertainment Creation 2012 ($350 for students and teachers) which includes Maya and 3DS Max.