18 hours of aural pleasure

Hurrah, the latest set of Wolf & Dulci Hour shows are now available as MP3 downloads. I shall refrain from LOLcatting about it. Just this once 🙂

On the 11th July show Wolf gave away a nice freebie quality iClone face, which is available to download listeners on production of the pass phrase (this changes each week and is given out in the show). Listen to the MP3 file to get the passphrase…

Also available now are the all-new Ken & Cathy show downloads (formerly the Roger & Ken Show), featuring Anim8tor Cathy. 19th June 2011 was the first, so you now have four to enjoy. For the 3rd July show, the featured guest was one of the best iClone directors — Small Wonder Studio.

Planetary Survey Seeder vehicle for iClone

Science-fiction spaceships are ten-a-penny, but planetary ground-exploration vehicles are much rarer. So I was pleased to see Andy’s Syd Mead -inspired Survey Seeder, newly arrived on Google 3D Warehouse. I’ve converted it for iClone at 56,000 faces, with significant retexturing. It’s meant to be a static parked vehicle, which is why the wheel rig is swivelled slightly. If you want it racing and bumping along, you’ll have to work with the original SketchUp model.

Download here

Click for larger version.

Anime Vikings?

Not one, but two new quality packs have arrived on iClone Marketplace today.

CyperWolf’s pack of 12 anime heads (hair not included)…

And the stunning low-poly Viking Worldbuilder pack, which is made by Arteria and converted for iClone from his royalty-free game packs. You even get a boat…

“The Pack contains 14 buildings, a 4 piece dock system, 3 fences, a Viking boat, 2 Carts, 2 walls, 2 barrels and a log pile.”

A “walkable” videogame demo of the Viking settlement is available for download here (88Mb).