7 thoughts on “Muvizu adds character retexturing

  1. Jesus, Muvizu didn’t have ability to retexture models till now? I know that they are very nice bunch of people, but come on…

    Moviestorm is still struggling to get import of custom assets working, but at least it has 3D!? Nice.

    iClone has almost everything, but this probably the best tool for Machinima film makers – but has an almost unusable camera. Great.

    Unreal Dev Kit is wonderful, but it have its own set of problems for movie making.

    We know what the Source engine lords are thinking about machinima.

    The new Crytek engine is close to dream tool, but .avi recording does not work…

    I don’t get it.

    We did something wrong in a previous life, or what?

  2. I hope so. But really, this is serious problem. One of these film-making tools has problems with camera, another with importing custom assets, third with texturing… and all these things are basic stuff.

    It is amazing how in all these years we didn’t get single piece of really usable software for young and not-so-young film-makers. Is this because film beginners are deemed ‘good for buying’, but not for serious film-making? Because, if they ever become really serious they will buy some other, really professional software anyway?

    Well, dear software companies, you were right. Many of us are serious, we learned a lot on film academies, Source or Unreal engines, on many different projects and movies, we have some experience – and you left us without any choice, so we must seek out expensive professional tools — where we will not use 80% of the features.

    And we will do this because all we wanted was ability to drive a camera around in some kind of 3D space, to import our own assets and to record result in real time. (OK, lipsync is nice, on our own characters, but “oops”, then we must import morphs…)

    If iClone5 does not provide sophisticated camera and morphs handling it will be a huge mistake. It isn’t tool just for beginners anymore, but it is not advanced enough for non-beginners. And version 5 is literally the last opportunity to make a really advanced tool out of iClone. Because machinima are close to ending the circle – from games-modding systems for making movies to the copyright-free full SDK of advanced game engines.

    In UDK it is extremely easy to import stuff, even morphs, it has a full film-making tool, huge number of tutorials and dedicated users. Visuals are great, price even greater — it is free.

    Next month the Crytek SDK will come out. Free. Importing is easy, lipsync is there, very usable film-making department, visuals beyond comparison. Tutorials are everywhere. Soon after that – Crytek Cinema, a version dedicated to machinima makers.

    So, in the last decade, software companies have had open space and market for machinima tools. And the many makers of machinima have certainly matured. They increasigly shun games with copyright restrictions and unhelpful publishers, and in using the dedicated software they get access to mature and copyright free game-engines right from the start.

    I don’t want that somebody must ask: where was iClone all that time?

  3. Cool post, Tom, thanks. Would you like to write a detailed review, comparing the real-time film-making tools of the Crytek SDK and the Unreal UDK? I will edit it for you and publish it here as an article.

  4. Sure, B. We should wait till the free Crytek SDK comes out to have a fair comparison. Exciting times are upon us, I must say.

    (Just to add one possible road for machinima makers. Imagine, just imagine that somebody – it is a matter of time, maybe just few weeks or months – came up with real time rendering engine for DAZstudio… All tools are there, some of it very, very advanced, with literary millions of very usable characters and props. That would be a revolution for machinima, it could change everything.)

  5. A real-time renderer for DAZ Studio would certainly be interesting. Since most people using DAZ are making stills rather than animations. Better than the OpenGL, I mean.

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