DAZ Studio ‘free’ to stop being free, will charge $50

This month’s 3D World magazine has some news from DAZ that I’ve not seen elsewhere. The current DAZ Studio we’re all used to being free… is to stop being free. They’re going to charge $50 for it. Get your free version now, while it’s still free.

There’s still going to be a “sort-of” free version, but one that will be much more limited than at present. My guess is that the new three-tier structure: DAZ Baby Walker free, DAZ Studio $50, and Daz Studio Advanced, will be put in place when they release DAZ Studio 4 Advanced.

I wonder if iClone4 SE will be more widely available, when iClone 5 is out, as a potent “on-ramp”. And if it will perhaps then attract some of the people who would previously have gone for the free DAZ Studio?