New version of 3DXchange coming

An official snippet from the forums…

“A new version of 3DXchange is in the pipeline but there is no news on pricing or a release date as yet”

Interesting. I wonder what will be added to justify a major “new number” upgrade? Surely not support for DAZ morphs, although now that DAZ have their new Genesis range one wonders if they might allow it for the old stuff? Support for auto-conversion of game-industry texture types, like .dds, would be welcome. Robust polygon reduction inside 3DXchange would be cool. Basic mesh shaping tools, like Argile but inside 3DXchange? A semi-random “animation remix, and apply” button?

My guess would also be that (once iClone 5 and 3DXchange 5 are out the way) there will be a version 2 of CrazyTalk Animator out in early 2012, possibly even with some of the physics ported over from iClone 5?