New Poser version announces – features

Update: I now have a dedicated Poser Pro blog!

A new Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 has been announced, new features list here. It looks like the new DAZ Genesis figures finally woke up one of the beach-slumbering execs at Smith Micro. Now they’re scrambling to see if they can support the new figures, maybe even before DAZ gets DAZ Studio Advanced for sale? Genesis seems to be what all the new support for “weight maps” is about…

full Suite of Weight Map Editing Tools such as Weight Map editing and painting, Zone converters, Hybrid Rig creation and Weight Map Auto Transfer.

Also very interesting, for iClone users used to real-time rendering, is…

Real-Time Preview Improvements. With Poser’s OpenGL [now in 4.2, although you need a graphics card that can run it] improvements, you’ll get accurate, real-time previews of Spot, Point, Infinite and IBL (Image Based Lights), Soft Shadows, Ambient Occlusion, Normal Maps and Back Facing Polygons

Although you will need an Nvidia GeForce graphics card that supports OpenGL v4.