Exclusive new MyClone donation content – Alley’s Quizza character!

iClone Alley has kindly created a new and unique iClone character, exclusively for the MyClone blog! I call her Quizza. She’s can accept all your iClone motions, her uniform is glow-mapped, and her face can be fully animated just like the other iClone characters. Thanks, Alley!

Donate just $3, and you’ll get this new character as a “thank you!”. If you’ve enjoyed reading MyClone and getting all the freebies, please consider making a donation. If just 33 people donate then I’ll have enough to pay for my iClone 5 Pro upgrade this weekend — and will be able to tell you all about it here… 🙂

$3 by PayPal

Click on the pictures above for bigger versions. Backdrops not included.

She’s glow-mapped, as you can see here…