Exclusive new MyClone donation content – Alley’s Quizza character!

iClone Alley has kindly created a new and unique iClone character, exclusively for the MyClone blog! I call her Quizza. She’s can accept all your iClone motions, her uniform is glow-mapped, and her face can be fully animated just like the other iClone characters. Thanks, Alley!

Donate just $3, and you’ll get this new character as a “thank you!”. If you’ve enjoyed reading MyClone and getting all the freebies, please consider making a donation. If just 33 people donate then I’ll have enough to pay for my iClone 5 Pro upgrade this weekend — and will be able to tell you all about it here… 🙂

$3 by PayPal

Click on the pictures above for bigger versions. Backdrops not included.

She’s glow-mapped, as you can see here…


10 thoughts on “Exclusive new MyClone donation content – Alley’s Quizza character!

  1. Just to be clear, IC5 will (hopefully) be released the last week of September. Another week to go yet.

    Nice character from Alley.

  2. BTW, it will be fair and nice if Reallusion gave you a copy of every new iClone version. I can’t believe that you must actualy to buy a copy. You run the central, best and most interesting iClone blog, and yet… Jesus. Things like that makes me mad.

  3. I agree with Tom, this blog is the most interesting iclone blog out there. Donation made. 😉 good luck Borrowind!

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  5. Great blog site! I do have a couple of questions. After making the donation. where do you go to download Quizza? and 2nd… what is the story on the Ryzom props? If I downloaded any of them, and decided to post a video on YouTube, or the iClone TV, how much trouble could I get into?


  6. Hi Scott, the email went out a few hours ago, with the download location.

    On Ryzom, all the game’s assets were freely released under Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0, so you won’t get into trouble for using my iClone conversions of their stuff.

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