iClone 5 filter plugins?

I’m still working through the August Wolf & Dulci Hour podcasts. In the 15th August edition, I heard some very interesting news — iClone 5 is going to have some kind of plug-in architecture for third-party real-time rendering filters and shaders.

5 thoughts on “iClone 5 filter plugins?

  1. Fantastic. I specifically asked RL to provide this, but I’m surprised it’s being promised so soon. If it turns out that Photoshop plugins are supported… well, as we say in America, “Katy bar the door!”

  2. Hi Mitch, it will not support Photoshop plug-ins, It is not that kind of plugin architecture. It is more like an open API, to allow third party shaders and filters that the video cards with DX9 can support. And by ‘filters’ I mean god-ray -like effects, and by ‘shaders’ I mean parallax mapping etc.

    • Yeah Mitch, that website is a good example of that you could bring into iClone if you are a shader programmer.

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