Pink Robot Sex-Change Rabbits of DOOM!!

“The Pink Robot Sex-Change Rabbits of DOOM!!” Er, yes… you’ve… er, got a great game idea. Cough. But how do you make it into a fab 2D sprite-y game in Web-tastic HTML5…? Well, you might try Scirra Construct 2.0. The Beginner’s Guide is here. It might work well with CrazyTalk Animator exports (they need to be PNG image sequences). Looks like Construct has a nice friendly developer team (they’re coming out of Open Source) and a helpful little Forum.

Versions: Free, $32, and $169 for a business licence. You only need the business licence if you bring in… “more than $5,000 USD revenue from things made with Construct 2”. If only.

  [ Hat-tip: Vidi ]