Skyrim – first-person, completely removable interface

Good news for machinima people making fan-works. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (due 11th Nov 2011), the major game of 2011, will be very machinima friendly. Just released is news that the game…

“allows you to hide the user interface”.

You’ll be able to tone it down to a barely-visible 99% opacity if you want, or just make it vanish completely. Officially. Joy. Why don’t other developers offer sensible stuff like this? Even more sensible is that the primary camera is a first-person view, like all the other games in the series (Oblivion, Morrowind)…

“the primary camera angle for Skyrim is first person”

Although it works equally well in third-person, according to the independent hands-on-testers. The PC game will also ship on day one with a complete uncrippled Construction Kit editor, and will then have (quite literally) an army of modders working on it — so even if your character’s hands/weapons are not completely able to be taken off the screen, there’ll be a mod to make them invisible, and quickly. When Oblivion was released, I remember there were close to 1,000 mods made in the first week. We’re going to get a completely clear view of this massive ‘open world’ and the characters (which are vastly improved over Oblivion‘s unconvincing ‘pasty potato-head’ people).

Of course it won’t top Morrowind played with mods, nothing will. But I’m looking forward to it. Skyrim will be a Christmas game for me, even though it’ll be released in just six weeks. The snag is that they’re not releasing the major DLC add-on packs for the PC until 12th December (the Xbox 360 konsole kiddies get them first, little ***’s). By that time there will also be v.1.2 mods and hopefully a bugfix patch, all of which puts starting the game well into the middle of December for me. And I’m not a ‘blast through’ and ‘beat the game in 15 hours’ kind of player, so it’ll go on into the New Year.

Some gratuitous Skyrim screenshot droolware…

Such a pity that videogames still haven’t cracked “the hair problem” (above). Look how angular and polygonal its silhouette is.

4 thoughts on “Skyrim – first-person, completely removable interface

  1. Oh, and it’s always been very easy to rip 3D models from Elder Scrolls games, so (unofficially) we will also have access to many of the buildings etc for use in iClone.

  2. The first thing I’m going to want to mod is those trees. Very same-looking. In the wild, even in a frigid environment, there would be a little more variety and difference.

  3. @ Russell. Bethesda isn’t your run-of-the-mill megadeveloper spitting lawsuits at the fans. But you’d be making non-commercial fan-works with it, expanding the back-story, labeling it a “homage” – not commercial stuff. We have iClone 5 for that, now.

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