What’s New in iClone 5

The newly updated iClone 5 online help is now available. Type “(New for 5)” (inc. brackets and quote marks) to get a list of the 94 new help topics added for iClone5. In fact, I’ve saved you the trouble. Here are the new pages, directly linked and roughly ordered by type of activity:


Puppet to Clip – Basic Concepts

Introducing the Motion Puppet Panel

Introducing the Direct Puppet Panel

Puppeteering Principles for Body Puppet Panel

Multi-Layer Recording

Puppeteering with an Existing Motion or Pose

Using the Direct Puppet Panel

Using the Motion Puppet Panel

Puppeteering Principles for Face Puppet Panel

Direct Puppeteering – Rotate

Direct Puppeteering – Move

Masking Puppeteering and Multi-Layer Recording

Matching Walking Loop to the Transformation Distance

Locking Bones

Slider Control and Mouse Control

Defining Custom Motions with the Parameter Sliders


Setting Default Keys and Resetting Motion Layer Keys

Fixing G3 Motions for G5 Character

Using the Edit Motion Layer Panel

Layering Motion Layer Keys to Existing Motions

Introducing the Edit Motion Layer Panel

Producing a Custom Pose or Key-frame Motions

Using the MixMoves Panel


Introducing the Reach Target Panel

Using the Reach Target Panel

Character Contacting with Targets

Keeping Original Poses or Motions

Fixing Motions

Creating Body Motions

Controlling the “Look At”, “Reach” and “Path” of Character, Camera, and Props


Timeline Operation-Advanced

Removing Motions of Body Parts

Adding or Modifying Lip Synching Keys

Data Types in Timeline

Adding Flags

Inserting and Deleting Frames

Creating and Saving a Unique Pose

Deleting Frames

Time Warp for Motion Clips

Project Level Tracks

Timeline Operation-Basic

Inserting Frames

Selecting Data in Timeline

Transition Curves in Tracks


Using the Mocap Device Plug-in

Installing Mocap Device and Plug-in

Multi-Layer Capturing

Using the Device Mocap Panel


Increasing Light Contrast with Multiplier

Self Cast Shadow Option

Using Effects


Shadows and Transparent Props

Alpha Threshold

Activating the Stabilized Shadow Map Feature

Darkening the Shadows

Using Ambient Occlusion


Using Toon Shader

Sketching the 3D Scene

Toon Shader and Texture

Cartoonize a Character


Camera and the Mini View Port

Offsetting the Line of Vision of Camera


Pivot of Prop

Advanced Mode

Look At Feature for Prop

World or Local Axis

Aligning Objects

Controlling the “Look At”, “Reach” and “Path” of Character, Camera, and Props

Prop Puppeteering

Using Follow Path Feature with Dummy

Duplicating Props

Dummy as the Reaching Target

Height Map Terrain

Simple Mode

Dummy as Looked Target

Offsetting the Line of Vision of Camera


The Bound of Rigid Body

Advanced Settings for Simulating Physics

The States of Rigid Body

Pose Matching

Using Soft Body from the Library

Baking Animation Clips from Physics Simulation

Stiffness, Bending Constraint and Solver Iterations

The Basics of Soft Body Simulation

Physics Concepts

The Basics of Rigid Body Simulation

The Properties of Rigid Body

Using Rigid Body from the Library

Pivot and Rigid Body

Solver Iterations and Collision Margin

Connecting Key Frame Animation with Physics Simulation

Lift and Drag

Pressure and Volume Conservation


Selecting Entities

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