Using digital scrapbooking kits with CrazyTalk Animator

Having seen what Tom Jantol has done recently with CrazyTalk Animator, I’ve been taking a quick look at the digital scrapbooking scene — where one can find interesting and quite affordable packs (usually $4 to $9) containing lots of graphics and backgrounds that provide interesting animatable alternatives to “the toon look”. The cut-out graphics have alpha-channels, making them suitable for dragging and dropping into CTA after a bit of a re-sizing (they’re usually quite large in size, since they’re meant for print). Here are a couple of the more interesting sites/content packs I found…


Deviantscrap looks especially nice. You could spend $30 here and get five really nice ‘bizarre’ packs for pop surrealist animations. Deviant Scrap even has its own excellent magazine.

You do have to watch the licencing details. Digital scrapbooking’s convoluted per-pack usage agreements often vary from pack to pack and from vendor to vendor. However… if you’re just making non-commercial animations with these kits, you should be OK.


2 thoughts on “Using digital scrapbooking kits with CrazyTalk Animator

  1. Ah, you discovered my Holy Grail, the scrapbooking. I probably have over 50 GB of scrapbooking materials and they really are extremely useful, simply invaluable.

    And, I don’t know how you done it, but it looks that you also discovered scrapbook names and places that took me years to find, such as the Studio Lorie materials – which is top of the top, class of its own — the Rembrandt, Mozart, Ricky Grove, and Borrowind among scrapbookers. 🙂

  2. The other thing you have to watch for these, is that you will need to spend a few hours reducing the size of the images in your packs. They’re all designed for print at 300DPI, and so the scrapping elements tend to be 40Mb PNGs, not the 40Kb we need for screen animation.

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