Project Geppetto

Autodesk (the 3DS Max people) are developing a new technology for quickly adding streams of people to digital cities, with realistic ‘flocking’ behaviours. Kind of like painting on the plants with the iClone planter brush, but with little auto-animated people instead. Nice idea. Skip to 3:20 on the video to see it all working. It’s called Project Geppetto…


3 thoughts on “Project Geppetto

  1. Speaking off-the-subject, but about Geppetto — where is Pinocchio? Oh, I know.

    For in a few hours Tom Jantol is going to Milan, Italy, to the “I’ve Seen Films” festival (run by Rutger Hauer), to receive an award for the Pinocchio movie “Dear Fairy”.

    And who is the head of the jury, a man who decided that his movie need an award? Ridley Scott. Following by Robert Rodrigez, Charlotte Rampling, Paul Verhoeven, Miranda Richardson and Joan Chen.

    /Pinocchio is writing this, without knowledge of Tom. He is too modest to tell anybody, but I know how happy and proud he is. He is also a sadistic bastard who killed me at the end of the movie, so people must know that!/

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