iClone 5’s new ‘Communication 200’ pack available now

The new iClone MixMoves Communication 200 pack is now available on the main Reallusion Content Store. Judging from the video (below) it looks wonderful, and will certainly help iClone pull alongside Moviestorm in the “fluid and believable” animation stakes. The pack has a hefty price tag of $199.95, but is currently at $129.95 with a time-limited ‘early bird’ discount. Here’s hoping the moves will be available on the Marketplace in the coming months, bundled by theme and perhaps at $20 per theme.


4 thoughts on “iClone 5’s new ‘Communication 200’ pack available now

  1. $99 for a very short time, then it bangs up to $200 or around £180… even though I have made money from iClone it still is a hobby for me, and £180 for a set of motions isn’t realistic for me… It’s more than I paid for the program itself… So either iClone is pushing into the commercial market here, or it is becoming a rich man’s hobby…

  2. £160 actually, with VAT added and a 1.5 dollar conversion rate. But yes, I take your point. We really need to see these split into themed packs, and on the Marketplace at $25 a pack. Many people could then afford them, and only get two or three of the types of motions that they need.

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