Victoria 5 for DAZ Studio 4

Coming soon, Victoria 5 will soon be released for DAZ Studio 4. She was seen briefly at the New York ComicCon, and mentions of her have since shown up in some documentation on the DAZ website. Victoria is of course the main go-to female figure that ships with DAZ Studio, and is hugely popular. She must tow a closet the size of Ohio behind her film-star trailer, since she has about a gazillion clothing outfits. Each version of Vicky (as she’s known to her fans) gets ever-more realistic, so it’ll be interesting to see just how realistic they can get her this time. There will be new skin textures, apparently. Better joints, easier posing, because she’s set to be a morph package for the base Genesis figure. Poser users are hopping up and down at this latter development [/MyClone wheels a hologram of the tedious DAZ-Poser war across the stage/], since Genesis means they won’t be able to use V5 directly in Poser. It’ll be interesting to see if the forthcoming 3DXchange 5 will be able to convert morphed Genesis figures for use in iClone.

“Hey Vicky, you look great! Pity it took you ten hours to render…”

3D for webcomics

A comment encountered on the DAZ Studio forums…

“I have a webcomic, and I may be doing a graphic novel/comic book with a roughly 2 month/issue turn around. At the moment, it takes about 10 hours to turn out a 6 panel page, including render time, and I really can’t afford for it to take much more [because of the forthcoming Victoria 5 base figure]”

Groan. 10 hours. How much quicker would a webcomic be to produce if they used iClone! I’m guessing a max. of 50 minutes per frame, even with a lot of unique per-frame set-up and lighting. So iClone would basically halve the production time on a six frame page. At Web resolution with a finished page at perhaps 1280 x 720px, is anyone really going to notice the difference between real-time and a two-hour render? In fact, iClone 5 now has another advantage over DAZ for comics production, in that it can do nice clean cel-shading.

MixMoves Communication 200 pack for $99

The very interesting new MixMoves Communication 200 pack for iClone 5 is now available for $99. But only to Reallusion members, and only until the end of the month. If you signed up for Reallusion on an ‘infrequently-visited’ / ‘spam-stopper’ email address, then check that email, because that’s where you’ll find the special offer…