3D for webcomics

A comment encountered on the DAZ Studio forums…

“I have a webcomic, and I may be doing a graphic novel/comic book with a roughly 2 month/issue turn around. At the moment, it takes about 10 hours to turn out a 6 panel page, including render time, and I really can’t afford for it to take much more [because of the forthcoming Victoria 5 base figure]”

Groan. 10 hours. How much quicker would a webcomic be to produce if they used iClone! I’m guessing a max. of 50 minutes per frame, even with a lot of unique per-frame set-up and lighting. So iClone would basically halve the production time on a six frame page. At Web resolution with a finished page at perhaps 1280 x 720px, is anyone really going to notice the difference between real-time and a two-hour render? In fact, iClone 5 now has another advantage over DAZ for comics production, in that it can do nice clean cel-shading.


3 thoughts on “3D for webcomics

  1. I would really like to see this…because I am skeptical. Not about the efficiency, but about the final product. Can iClone toon shading really look like a graphic novel. I have seen some of the YouTube tests and they look okay, but they don’t look out-of-this-world good. Can you make it look really great?

  2. As with all attempts to emulate natural media, the render should never be the end-point. It’s always a base which you then take into Photoshop and filter and layer-blend. But iClone 5, as you can see above in a straight and untouched ‘sketch effect’ render, offers a really great base layer that is unobtainable in almost any other 3D software. Maybe the architectural ‘art rendering’ stuff like Piranisi 2010, but who wants to wrestle with learning/wrangling that for a year, or paying $800? Poser’s sketch modules are nice, and are one area where it still wins over DAZ, but they take ages to render.

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