UK animation: down the plughole

Animation UK has a new report coming out next week, titled Securing the Future of UK Animation. It finds that a massive three-quarters of the UK’s animators “have moved abroad or are considering shifting overseas” due to:

* a lack of taxpayer support and incentives via government

* the almost complete sidelining of animation by official film agencies

* the complete lack of interest in funding animation at the Arts Council

* the consistent cutting by TV producers (BBC Animation Unit closed; S4C animation closed; Channel 4 animation dept. closed, C4 budget for short animations cut by £500,000)

Animation production in the UK has fallen by 83% in six years.

The number of UK animations entered in major international festival competitions has dropped markedly.

In 2009 only one per cent of the 113,000 hours of UK kids broadcast TV consisted of new commissions actually made in the UK.

Around 4,500 people are estimated to be employed in and around the animation industry in the UK, half of them under 35.

Around 70% of the industry is based outside London.

Economically the UK animation industry is now only worth a vanishingly-small £120m, at a time when Screen Digest says the world animation industry is worth £70 billion a year.


4 thoughts on “UK animation: down the plughole

  1. It seems difficult to avoid the conclusion that animation was deliberately flushed down the plughole by Labour, and then finished off by the recession…

  2. Of course, right in time for when I had half-moved to London to pursuit some kind of living by animation. 20 years ago, I decided to live a while in Sarajevo. Next day Sarajevo was bombarded and thousands were dead. Don’t invite me to dinner!

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