Another new HTML5 game-maker software, one that might be used with graphics and animated clips from iClone and CrazyTalk Animator. It’s called, naturally enough, GameMaker:HTML5, and it builds on the mature GameMaker software which has now reached version 8.1 (last mentioned on MyClone back in January). Which is presumably why the makers think they can charge $99 for what’s currently only a beta. So, what’s so special about HTML5 output? It means you can post your game online as if it was a website. No Flash, no wrestling with strange browser plugins, no “download this and install it” scary stuff. Interestingly there are “3D graphics” and “3D hardware acceleration” features set for the final 1.0 version, but nearly all the other features are already in the beta. The software is obviously under active development, and with this new HTML5 version it may now be the obvious alterative to Wintermute for making point-and-click adventure games (Wintermute stopped development in 2009).