400,000 post views

Squieek! Today MyClone rolls over 400,000 post views. Thanks to all the readers! Onward to the half-million!


6 thoughts on “400,000 post views

  1. Congratulations! I come here every day. You always have the most interesting posts, not to mention the links you provide are superb.

    Here’s to 1 million post views!

  2. Yes, well, about 399,999 of these 400,000 post views are from present or future iClone and CrazyTalk users.
    Reallusion, give this man a free access to all of your software he need.

  3. I am not at all surprised – this blog hits the mark perfectly – and I agree with Tom, Reallusion should be using you as an “ambassador” and compensating you for it. It is invaluable.

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