Aurasama puts iClone into the real world

Aurasama is an interesting UK start-up, offering an ‘augmented reality’ (i.e.: hold your smartphone camera up an everyday scene, and an animation gets instantly superimposed on it via the screen) app for smartphones. It looks like they’re using CrazyTalk and iClone for the animations… I recognise that dinosaur (wasn’t that the dodgy Russian one that turned out to be pirated?), the Mr. Pose, and the Mona Lisa face must be using CrazyTalk. Interesting to see Reallusion’s content being used for ‘real-world’ stuff like this.

Of course, most shopping centres (malls) ban cameras and enforce their bans with pig-headed security-guards, so there’s not much hope of retail/shopping take-off for augmented reality outside of places like Japan. But for heritage centres and visitor attractions, galleries and museums, and upmarket kid-friendly hotels, I can see the potential. It could also bring outdoors and print magazine advertising to life. I really can’t see it ever being more than a niche thing, for tourism/heritage and augmented treasure-hunts. Creating and keeping the content fresh will simply be too expensive for mass deployment.

Hoodies ‘r us

Warlord shows iClone 5 users how to use a secret “Soft Body Advanced Settings” panel in the new iClone, for attaching soft-cloth to the head and dealing with cloth collision around the shoulder area. Example use: The Halloween character of Death, and his cape and hood.

For mo-cap users, Warlord also has a new video tutorial on making a complex mix of Kinect mocap, puppetry, and MixMove motions.