Endorphin drops price

NaturalMotion has dropped the price of its pro game-motion software Endorphin 2.7 from a humungous $10,000 to “just” $999. The offer is only open until 31st October 2011. If you want to try it out, they also have a free Learning Edition which is export-disabled.

Here are Mike Aparicio’s instructions for using Endorphin to create BVH iClone animations, copied from the Endophin message boards…

1. Start Endorphin

2. Delete default character

3. Create a new character using the character template “EyesJapan” located at:

C:\Program Files\NaturalMotion\endorphin 2.5.2\Resources\Characters\Custom\

4. Apply and or import the motion you want to send to iClone.

5. Simulate it for its complete range.

6. Export BVH file Enabling Auto Motion Transfer, using the target reference:

C:\Program Files\NaturalMotion\endorphin 2.5.2\Resources\Characters\Custom\EyesJapan_ref.nm c

7. Now you are ready to open iClone Motion Converter 3.0 program.

8. Load in the just created BVH file.

9. Select the Default Profile. Launch the Profile Editor. In the Profile Editor ensure all items are set to 0 (Zero), except for Lfoot and Rfoot which SHOULD HAVE ROTATED THE X AXIS BY 60.

10. Hit the convert button! Then Save and transfer the converted motion to iClone!