How to get DAZ Genesis figures to Poser

The DAZ Studio guys appear to be genuinely fixing the ‘Genesis figures to Poser’ gripes that many Poser users have been expressing. Here’s their new tutorial on porting DAZ Genesis figures such as Victoria 5 to Poser (only the latest versions of Poser). It seems quite clear and simple…

DAZ forum officials also say that… “All download versions of DAZ Studio will have access to the CR2 Exporter.” and that “The CR2 exporter will be built in to all download versions of DAZ Studio… not a[n additional] purchase.”

For those thinking this could be a pipeline by which to ‘bake in’ morphs and thus get morph-retained DAZ figures to iClone, think again. Last time I looked, Poser didn’t allow export of its figures as FBX files.


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  1. There is a program called Gen4 that allows you to pass morphs from v4 and m4 to Genesis. Though you need the V4 and M4 body morphs for Genesis for it to work… this would allow you to get you V4 and M4 characters into iClone morphs attached as Genesis keeps morphs when exported as FBX….

  2. After a quick look, Vic5 retained baked morphs (not animated, just baked) in 3DXchange right from FBX export from Daz4… I don’t have time right now to investigate further, but heavy bodybuilder Victoria 5 has the same shape in iClone5.

    Is this new era, or I’m doing something wrong?

  3. Martin, that’s never been a problem. But the problem is getting 3DXchange to “read” the morphs in the FBX, and not default the character back to the standard V4 or M4.

  4. Tom, that’s very interesting. Would love to see someone bring a heavily morphed V5 with clothes and animations attached, all the way through to the iClone stage. Maybe the Genesis set up does make a difference to the final retention of the morphs?

  5. Here is the thing with Victoria5 and iClone. No matter what we do, FBX export will not carry animation, not even bone animation. Morphs are exported, but just static ones (baked). Still, it is possible to animate imported Vic5 manually in iClone.

    New Poser doesn’t have FBX export, and COLLADA export hang or crush Poser.

    It looks that we are doomed to wait new 3DXchange 5…

    (BTW, just at this very moment I decided to jump from MotionBuilder to iClone… but then I found out that MotionBuilder can flawlesly import Genesis models, new Vic5, everything, together with animations, morphs, animated morphs… I am the God of wrong timing.)

  6. I have used Genesis characters in iClone keeping all the morphs and animations… except facial animations. I thought the problem you were having was with V4 or M4 characters losing the morphs.

    There is a advantage to using Gen4 instead of trying to get your V4 character into iClone though, as the Genesis character is a lower-poly model than the V4 and M4 characters and 3DXchange has less problems with Genesis than it does with the others.

  7. Thanks for that, Tom. So, does MotionBuilder offer a route to get DAZ models with morphs and animations to iClone?

    Also, as for the problems with V5 animated FBX exports… you are baking the animation to keyframes first, yes? Otherwise the animation is always lost.

  8. No, exported animated DAZ models from MotionBuilder are still frozen in 3DXchange and iClone. And yes, I always bake animation to keyframes. But it looks that I am doing something wrong, anyway.

    Martin, please, care to explain? Maybe in form of little tutorial, how you manage to use Genesis characters with animations and morphs in iClone? What versions of DAZ Studio, FBX exporter, iClone do you use?

  9. Yes, that’s no problem. It will have to be this evening. Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing – we are talking about taking the Genesis character, morphing the character to ‘Old Hag’ or ‘Ogre’ or the like, and then animating the character in DAZ, exporting as an FBX, bringing it into iClone with the animation playable using the ‘perform’ command. I only ask, because from what I have read you seem to be doing it right…

  10. Exactly that, Martin.
    Yes, I know how to import Vic or Mic 3 or 4, animated base figures (without morphs, of course), but with Genesis generation I can’t do anything…
    Thank you very much for your effort, this will be huge help.

  11. Ah, I am so stupid. Everything works fine when I use FBX 2010, instead FBX 2012 in the export options of DAZ Studio 4.

    One mystery solved.

    Thanks again and Happy New 3DXchange soon. 🙂

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