Victoria 5 released for DAZ Studio

Victoria 5 for DAZ Studio is available to buy now, although only on sale to the DAZ Platinum club members until 31st October 2011 — after which V5 is presumably on sale to all comers.

“Victoria 5 works natively in DAZ Studio and can be exported via FBX and Collada to other 3D tools such as Maya, Max, Poser, Zbrush, and more.”

She’s the flagship Genesis character, so it will be interesting to see if the Genesis morphs that shape her — and her zillion-and-one variants — are passed to iClone in FBX exports. With the old V4, the shaping morphs had all been junked by the time the model was in 3DXchange 4 Pro, and no matter what fancy character you had all you always ended up with plain vanilla V4 in iClone.

I must say that DAZ’s offical V5 FAQ doesn’t shrink from quickly making what might seem to some to be an appeal to the dubious end of the virtual babes market…

“Interested in a new set of Young Teen females? Blend Victoria 5 with the Genesis Kid shape and create your own squad of high school cheerleaders.”

The Pro version of V5 comes with… “Geo-Grafted Genitalia”. Euew….