New DAZ Studio to iClone 5 tutorial

A new tutorial from BlueMidget. DAZ Studio -> 3DXChange 4 Pro -> iClone 5, while retaining DAZ Genesis character morphs. It appears that Genesis characters, unlike earlier DAZ characters, don’t have their morphs junked at the 3DXchange stage.

This is very interesting news, especially if if works on all Genesis morphs and not just on the standard pre-canned ones, and if one can get DAZ clothing in as well. I’d imagine the “frilly n’ floaty” stuff might not transfer well, but the figure-hugging body-suits and armour types of outfit might convert nicely.

Here’s BlueMidget’s final morphed DAZ Genesis figure, animated with embedded Perform animations, in iClone…

For reducing the polygons and excluding parts of a DAZ figure before export see here.


6 thoughts on “New DAZ Studio to iClone 5 tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for your tutorial, there were two important things you showed that the others did not.

    1) I did not realize you had to have the Timeline Editor up when you saved your animation, after making it with Animate 2

    2) when you were in iClone you need to right-click on a character and select “Perform” to get your animation playing 🙂

    Both of these things no one else bothered to mention.

    I do have one remaining question: Now that your character is in iClone will it be able to use iClone’s preset animations?

  2. Hi Pendragon58, no it will not use the standard iClone animations. It will be what’s called a “non-standard character”. The only animations you have will be those you named on the motion clip panel in 3DXchange 4 Pro, and then exported with the character as “Perform…” options.

    There are ways to rig a DAZ figure with iClone bones, but that involves 3DS Max. Reallusion has white papers (detailed technical tutorials) and plugins for this on its site.

    • Can anyone explain to me how to export a head, made in DAZ or any program, through 3ds Max, to bring it into iClone. Nobody explains exactly how. The procedure upper or lower is OK, but what about the head?

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