3D Animation Software Market 2010-2014

A new October 2011 report on the global 3D animation software market is out now. It would no doubt make fascinating reading, but sadly it’s one of those humungously expensive ($0000s) market reports aimed at big TV / film / game / software company CEOs, and so I’m not sure how much notice it takes (if any) of the hobbyist and pro-am market. It’s titled Global 3D Animation Software Market 2010-2014 and is by the TechNavio report-publishing arm of Infiniti Research Ltd. Anyway…

“TechNavio’s analysts forecast the Global 3D Animation Software market to grow at a [Compound Annual Growth Rate] of 17.4 percent over the period 2010–2014. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is increasing adoption of 3D animation in the entertainment industry. The Global 3D Animation Software market has also been witnessing the increasing adoption of hybrid animations. However, availability of open source software could pose a challenge to the growth of this market.”

Wider adoption of 3D animation can only be good for the lower end of the market, since iClone users get the cutting-edge tech in mass-market sub-$500 form about two years after Hollywood has moved on to the next shiny bauble. The big software the report offers case studies on are: Autodesk (3DS Max, Maya, Softimage, etc); Electric Image (EIAS); Maxon (Cinema 4D); Side Effects (Houdini, noted for its particle FX), so the report may be pointed toward the broadcast and film end of the 3D animation market, where the big money is. The open source software they mention is presumably the maturing but still-unfinished Blender, which is free. I don’t see much other open source ‘big beast’ software out there. Oh wait, of course… Pony World! Yup, definitely a beast.