Strange Frame

The world’s first animated lesbian sci-fi movie… from Hawaii, and now crowd-funding on Kickstarter

“200 years after the Great Earth Exodus, Strange Frame‘s heroine, Parker leaves the comforts of her previous life and falls in love with beautiful songwriter Naia”

Video: can’t be embedded (not because it’s too rude/nude, but because WordPress doesn’t allow embedding from Kickstarter), it’s here.

It Registers…

The leading techie nerd-news source in the UK, The Register, profiles the folks behind the free real-time animation software Muvizu. There’s a new iteration of the software due out 19th December. An excellent free Xmas present — burn it to a DVD with the latest video tutorials, give it to your young relatives…

Documentary animation

An interesting sounding new book coming from Focal Press in January 2012, Animated Realism: A Behind The Scenes Look at the Animated Documentary Genre

“With the development and accessibility of animation tools and techniques, filmmakers are blurring the boundaries between documentary filmmaking and animation. Animated Realism presents animation techniques as they apply to the documentary genre, with an inspirational behind-the-scenes look at award-winning animated documentaries.”

Those interested in this sort of film should also look at the inspirational movie American Splendor.

PuppetVision: The Movie – crowd-funding now!

New documentary feature announced, PuppetVision: The Movie

“For the past several years as I’ve been filming interviews with and performances by puppeteers in different cities and different countries literally all over the world. This is all going to come together in a documentary next year called PuppetVision: The Movie that will feature interviews with and performances by over sixty different puppeteers from about fifteen different countries, working in just about every style of puppetry that exists… including digital puppetry and machinima.” [my emphasis]

The project is currently crowd-funding on IndieGoGo

Free robot for iClone 5

Here’s my iClone conversion of InfameDavid’s new Creative Commons LowPoly Robot. Edit it in iClone with the Motion Layer (it’s all articulated, including fingers — you’ll figure it out after a few minutes of experimenting). Just 5k, so you could have lots of them in a scene. Could be a nice companion to my recent classic shiny rocket-ship conversion. Here’s the robot, retextured by me, lit, and packed as this iClone project file…

Download here (18Mb)

If anyone wants to rig this with CloneBone for iClone and share it, that would I’m sure be very welcome.

Above: Click the picture for the large version.

iClone strips off

Sen has just placed two nude G5 avatars on the Reallusion Marketplace, at a mere 200 points. She has found a way to remove the clothes in the new G5’s that ship with iClone 5, and has also taken off the “wearing shoes” default foot-tilt on these. Nice though the new official “Neighbours” pack looks, this is a much more affordable way of getting nude G5’s than spending $199…

Also new on the Marketplace and also quality, the “PR5MC Starter” (i.e.: Vit’s photo-realistic Casual Male G5), at the higher but still affordable price of 2,495 points. Vit has been working on his photo-realistic guys and textures for years, and this is his new G5 version for iClone 5…

Both can be found at the BigbossTreasures store in the Marketplace.

Animation in Kenya

Excellent article in Variety on the Kenyan animation industry [Update: dead link. Try this one]. Kenya is in central Africa, but…

“Kenya’s animation industry began to blossom with a series of U.N.-sponsored training programs from 2004-2006, which brought Kenyan animators together with artists from around the world. Dubbed Africa Animated!, the initiative was created to enhance the ability of African animators to compete with the Western imports, which dominate children’s programming on African TV stations.”

Here’s the intro to the regular Tinga Tinga series they’re now providing to the BBC in the UK…

Duh x 12

The video for The Hairs’ “Duh x 12” track. Love how this charmingly uses ‘found’ animation on the web, and cheap webcam overlays…

The Hairs (New York City) are part of a current East Coast sound, making music very much in the mold the awesome Beach Fossils (NYC), Minks (Boston/NYC), and Wild Nothing (Virginia/NYC). I’m really loving discovering the new sound from this cluster of bands, which has roots in the English twee of the 80s — I guess the best way to describe it is to imagine “Sunday Morning” by the Velvet Underground meets Talulah Gosh, in the Air studio, produced by The Byrds.

Kinect gets in your face – will do close-ups

News just in, which seems relevant to those using the Kinect for motion capture for iClone 5. Microsoft boffins are working on a “Near Mode” for close-up Kinect capture…

“we have optimised certain hardware components and made firmware adjustments which better enable PC-centric scenarios,” Microsofties blog about… “New firmware which enables the depth camera to see objects as close as 50 centimetres in front of the device without losing accuracy or precision, with graceful degradation down to 40 centimetres.”

No release-date so far. Talk of new “hardware components” makes it seem like it might be a feature of the new Xbox 720 which is reportedly set to debut in Jan 2012.