Unfinished Paintings

A super new animation that mashes up iClone, CrazyTalk, digital scrap kits from the likes of Deviant Scrap, CrazyTalk Animator, and Photoshop art-filtered photos. I’m also pleased to see that one of my free Ryzom conversions for iClone gets used here. An exciting work of animated digital ‘folk art’…


One thought on “Unfinished Paintings

  1. I truly appreciate your taking the time to mention my “unfinished” movie. I’m repeatedly surprised when someone is able to see beyond the over-saturation and excessive darkness of many of the scenes. In a few weeks, I’ll release the film that I intended to render before I accidentally chose the wrong Vegas settings in a mad rush toward the deadline.

    …and yes, I did acquire one of the sets from your site! At the time, it was to appear in another “unfinished” project, The Spa.

    Thanks again for your hard work on those conversions. I will include a link to your blog in the YouTube notations.

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